If you’re a volunteer with a local fire department, keep a close eye on what’s happening at the Strasburg and New Market fire departments.

A rift that has developed within the Strasburg department has come under public scrutiny after three members sent letters with numerous complaints to local government officials. A representative from that department spoke about the situation at the county Board of Supervisors meeting early Tuesday and at the Strasburg Town Council meeting that evening. He assured government officials that the department is addressing the issues brought up in the letters.

At the other end of the county in New Market, the public was made aware on Tuesday that the state wants to yank that department’s license to provide emergency medical services over data reporting compliance issues. What is interesting is that no one from that department was present at the county supervisors meeting when the issue was discussed, first in executive session and afterward in the open meeting. Two representatives from that department denied they had compliance issues, and they told the Northern Virginia Daily that they were surprised the issue had been brought up at Tuesday’s supervisors meeting.

The volunteer fire and rescue companies give so much of their personal time to keep their communities safe. We are hoping that both issues will be handled courteously and professionally with results that will be good for both the companies and the public.