Have you ever gone into the voting booth without a clue as to who or what is on the ballot?

That’s what happened Tuesday in our local elections, according to some voters we spoke to after they cast their ballots.  Some told us they did not know there were local elections on the ballot and others said they were not familiar with the candidates running for local office. Some votes, they said, were checked randomly or they only selected one candidate in a multi-candidate race. Others, vote counts show, did not vote at all in some of the races.

Those local candidates who lost on Tuesday must find it extremely frustrating – especially in the close races – that some voters only went to the polls to vote for president.

Would it be better for our communities to keep local elections off the fall ballot, especially during a presidential election, so that the local races aren’t overshadowed by the national races?

Area voters will have an opportunity to vote for local and state leaders next spring and fall. We pledge to do our best to inform our readers about the candidates and issues prior to the elections, and we’re hoping that voters will do their homework before making important decisions about who will lead them.

Clear the deck

Election signs have served their purpose.  The election is over and now it’s time to remove or recycle those signs.

If you planted one, please pick it so that it does not end up littering our beautiful valley.