To the rescue

Kudos to Warren County animal control officers Sgt.  James “Junior” Darr and April Morris as well as the Rivermont Fire Department for their efforts in saving a snapping turtle that fell into a spillway at the Virginia Fish Hatchery this week.

Don’t hit it

The Virginia Department of Transportation is planning to install structures on roads leading to the Meems Bottom Covered Bridge to stop commercial trucks before they damage it.  We have written too many stories about trucks hitting that beautiful bridge and we would like to not write another one.


Best wishes to Strasburg Police Chief Tim Sutherly, who announced this week that he will be retiring in January.

‘I love you to pieces’

We loved former Strasburg Fire Chief Jeff Wharton’s comment, “I love you to pieces,” that he said to former  Fire Chief Bill Walton this week at the Strasburg Town Council meeting. Walton, who responded to 10,000 calls during his time with the department, was honored at Tuesday’s meeting.

Residency rules

The Front Royal Town Council made the right decision when a majority of members voted against changing town code regarding town employee residency rules. Some members wanted the police chief to live within town limits. Why limit the field of candidates for such an important position?  A search is underway for a new chief to replace Norman Shiflett, who resigned recently.

Is this the Wild West?

Water contract battles continue between Stephens City and the Frederick County Sanitation Authority.  The town says the authority is in breach of contract but four out of five claims against the authority have been dismissed by a judge. We’re watching this water fight with interest, and so should the citizens of Stephens City and Frederick County.  A lengthy legal fight is expensive and the cost could just trickle down to the consumer.