Were they bored?

There were 67 incidents of vandalism adding up to around $2,000 in damages in Edinburg recently.

The perps, armed with spray paint, decided to create artwork on mailboxes, road signs and even a roadway.

Why did they do it? Nothing else to do? Just bored?

Let’s hope that those who did this will be able to make amends and learn from their experience.


A story in Saturday’s newspaper ­– the sentencing of a New Market man to 35 years in prison in a child sex case – was difficult to read due to the nature of the crime, but the last sentence of the story was simply outrageous.

The defendant’s supporters were being ushered out of the courtroom by bailiffs when a woman went up to one of the victim’s supporters and said that she hoped the victim – a child –  “has nightmares.”

Why in the world would anyone say that about a child who was raped?