I do not claim a party affiliation. I vote for who will do what is in the interest of the county as a whole. After viewing the painful video of the forum, the choice is clear. Only one candidate expressed vision or direction for the county. That man was Dennis Morris. Yes, the same man accused of raising taxes while in office. Considering his length of time in office, it is inevitable that it would happen while he was on the board.

Dennis stated this election was about being available and open to the citizens and bringing morals and professionalism back to the county and that a tax hike should be the last resort. All his opponent could say is that it was about cutting spending and no taxes. She offered no vision of where the county should go, outside of cutting budgets in each department.

During her time, the county has stagnated. All that was accomplished was waste in the legal budget due to improper or uninformed decisions. Seems overspending at the BOS level is acceptable.

This election is about leadership. A strong leader makes tough choices that are in the interest of all. A steady stream of “no” is neither productive or a quality of a good leader.

The current board has cut departmental spending and created such discord among employees that we currently cannot keep quality people. At some point, taxes will have to be raised as spending cannot be cut to the point of having a skeleton crew. As a leader, those are decisions that have to be made with consideration of the benefit to the entire county. I am saying if we want this county to grow, continue to offer all the programs that are near and dear to everyone, then an investment has to be made. We cannot continue to rob Peter to pay Paul. The longer we wait, the more it will be.

A strong leader is needed to bring this county back on track and make the decisions that have to be made whether we as citizens like them or not.

Dennis Morris is strong leadership.

Greg Neff, Strasburg