Voters have a clear choice this election in so many races around the state.
None of these races are more important than Shenandoah County District 1 supervisor.

Karen Kwiatkowski is running on a platform of bringing economic development to Shenandoah County. Karen is thinking outside the box in ways to bring money to impoverished Shenandoah County. She endorses legalizing hemp farming (a position supported by both Virginia Tech and Republicians in Congress), which would bring millions of dollars to Shenandoah County farmers.

Service on the county debt has risen from $1.2 million per year in 2002 to $2.3 million per year now. Unemployment in Shenandoah County is 3.4 percent – the fact is this number is based on a 30-hour work week. Current supervisors have done little to spur economic development in Shenandoah County; we are now the second lowest county in the region when it comes to economic prosperity. Our county has a rather high poverty rate of 12.2 percent, again second only to Page County.
According to businessman Bill Holtzman, we need change. This is an indictment of the current board. Karen brings new energy from her experiences outside the valley and is open to change and growth.
Our beautiful county has fewer jobs than it did in 2011. A survey also showed that nearly 26 percent of 1st District residents and their neighbors within a 3-mile radius of New Market had no job, and that 15 percent of local businesses had failed in the past five years.
We deserve better than this. We deserve good jobs. Our kids deserve better.
The incumbent has held office for four terms and he has said he should be reelected because he is a local boy born and raised here. I ask if this is a reason to continue him in office?
Vote on Nov. 7 and change our county.
John Chroniger, New Market