In the T.S. Elliott poem “The Wasteland,” April is called the cruelest month. For outdoorsmen, though, January may well be the hardest one to endure. Deer hunting seasons have ended. Spring gobbler season is months away and waterfowl have become wary from long months of hunting pressure.

​So far in this off-and-on series, we’ve looked at stripers and walleyes as gamefish that offer great fishing during winter. No fish, however, can top the chain pickerel for January and February outings. I’ve enjoyed excellent pickerel fishing on the ponds on A.P. Hill Military Reservation. …

No other form of angling has captured the hearts of newcomers to the sport more than fly fishing. Young and old, women and men, all people with an interest in the outdoors are being drawn in to this graceful, absorbing pastime.

Hunting scrapes was a productive tactic for whitetails before peak rut came in during mid-November. But during the actual major breeding period, watching these pawed out areas on the ground in most cases proved to be a waste of time.

After a few successful goes at it, I was pretty much done with the most arduous of Eastern upland hunts: ruffed grouse and American woodcock. But like a sailor to a Siren’s song, it keeps luring me back in.

While hunting seasons are still going strong, many sportsmen look forward to the fishing shows that take place in mid-winter. Two of the major events anglers may want to attend in early January are the Richmond Fishing Expo and the Virginia Fly Fishing & Wine Festival.

Virginia is famous for its smallmouth bass, largemouth, trout, bluegill, catfish and crappie angling opportunities. But not as many realize there is high-quality fishing available for a fish affectionately called “marble eyes” by its admirers, otherwise known as the walleye.

Many hunters love the idea of still hunting--slowly sneaking along looking for a legal deer. When the weather’s cold it’s nice to be up and moving around getting the blood flowing in extremities. This is particularly the case if the season is winding down and you haven’t been seeing much fro…

Most sportsmen consider winter a time for hunting or attending outdoor shows. Certainly that’s the case now with deer season in full swing. If the thought of fishing comes up, it’s about cleaning and organizing gear or perhaps tying flies.

Maybe you don’t need any new gear for this fall and winter’s hunting seasons. But it’s still fun to follow what’s being offered by top manufacturers in the hunting and outdoor fields. Here’s a look at some of the newest and best offerings.

A popular legend has it that a wise fishing philosopher once warned the uninitiated angler: The first time you fish for musky it’s for fun; the next time you fish for musky it’s for revenge.

As a change of pace from our usual column focusing on a single subject, here’s a collection of tips for a wide variety of species that might help your hunting success during upcoming seasons. Just about every species hunted in Virginia is either in season now or will be soon.

Talk to three different deer hunters about the present quality of deer hunting in the Shenandoah Valley and you’ll likely get three different opinions. The fact is, hunting quality can vary widely from property to property. It can vary dramatically from day to day. And it can be different fr…

When the subject of wild turkeys comes up, most hunters picture scenes of spring hunting and the challenge of calling in a cautious gobbler into shotgun or bow range when the redbuds are in bloom. If you want some exciting hunting before spring, though, try going after turkeys this fall and winter.

Lots of sportsmen and women are devoting their free time now to preparing for bow hunting or sighting in rifles and checking out muzzleloaders for upcoming deer gun seasons. But this is also a wonderful time to learn more about the sport of fly fishing. And one of the best places to do that …

I love fishing for brook trout in Virginia’s mountain streams as much as any other angling addict in the Old Dominion. Brookies don’t get very big around here but they’re a plucky group – and give us hours of outdoor pleasure.

Young racers often dream of making it big in NASCAR, but before they can, they’d better be able to make the transition to heavier cars.

By now most avid sportsmen and readers of this column are making their final preparations to get ready for upcoming hunting seasons. Tree stands are firmly positioned. Trail cameras are checked one last time. Gear is organized and cleaned. The weather forecast is studied intensely for wind d…

Last week we looked at three of the top lures you can use for river smallmouths in the Shenandoah and other nearby bronzeback waters such as the Potomac, Rappahannock, Cacapon and James. Here’s a look at four more offerings to stock in your vest or mini tackle box.

Kevin Harvick went winless through the first 19 races of the 2019 season, but Sunday he grabbed his second win in the Brickyard 400 at Indianapolis to score his third win of the year as the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup Series heads into the playoffs.

Easing gently downstream with the flow of the current, I tossed the tiny prop bait toward a mid-river rock, waited until the ripples disappeared, twitched it once, then again. A loud whoosh filled the air and a visible swirl cracked the Shenandoah River’s smooth surface as a smallmouth grabb…

When the topic of the .22-caliber firearm comes up, people often look off into the distance, grin softly and think back to their first rifle or pistol — and that special person who introduced them to shooting sports as a kid.

Hot summer days, family vacations, work, lawns to mow, and plenty of fishing on tap…all those and other things make it hard to think about deer hunting in summer. But if you don’t do a bit of pre-planning, you may be caught without a sound strategy when opening day comes around, whether that…

One inescapable fact is that racing is dangerous, and often incidents that occur in the sport are spectacular.

The following are some of the area recreational events that are being held:

Most trout fly fishermen are aware of the importance of aquatic insects in their quarry’s diet. These include mayflies, stoneflies, caddis and similar species. But while these water-born insects get most of the attention in trout fishing literature, in modern times terrestrial insects (those…

If there’s anything that can be learned from the August NASCAR night race at Bristol (Tennessee) Motor Speedway, it is that people in NASCAR need to get a clue.

It may seem hard to believe, but hunting season is upon us. Dove hunting is always first on the list for fall sportsmen and women wanting to get afield. That’s the case this year as well with the opening at noon on Sept. 2.