STRASBURG – On most days, when the weather cooperates, Joe Schad is soaring through the clouds strapped into a hang glider or paraglider, taking in views of the Shenandoah Valley seen only by those brave enough to send their bodies to such heights.

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As deer hunting winds down, active sportsmen and women face a dilemma. What to do that will keep you outdoors and connected to nature? You certainly can do some winter fishing. Other people spend time visiting the many outdoor shows held around this time. But that’s not really getting outdoors.

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Most adults realize that when small children are present they need to watch their behavior and keep their language clean.

Joey Logano has become the 33rd driver to win the championship in NASCAR’s top division after he won the season finale at Homestead-Miami Speedway.

Mention the subject of wild turkeys and most sportsmen think of spring hunting and the challenge of calling in a wary gobbler. But if you want some exciting hunting before spring, try going after the big black and brown birds this fall and winter.

Race trips can be memorable for a lot of reasons, and often the most memorable incidents aren’t associated with any particular on-track action.

As fall hunting seasons swing into full gear, here’s a look at some new equipment manufacturers have unveiled, ranging from inexpensive hand-warmers to high-priced optics to great deer hunting rifles.

Joey Logano put the “chrome horn” on Martin Truex Jr. in the final corner on the last lap to take the Monster Energy NASCAR Cup victory at Martinsville Speedway and ensure he’ll race for the championship in a few weeks at Miami-Homestead.

Few sights are more appealing to a whitetail deer hunter than finding a section of forest with abundant acorns falling to the ground and the leaves littered with hoof prints, droppings, scrapes, and rubs. But as experienced hunters know, acorn crops can be light, spotty, or nonexistent in so…

In a recent column we profiled a number of habitat and vegetation setups that make good locations for waylaying a buck on his daily travel routines. Here are several more locations for setting up a deer stand that you can turn to as you mull over where to hunt during upcoming gun seasons. An…

Jason Covert won the Super Late Model portion of the Hub City 100 at Hagerstown (Maryland) Speedway in what turned out to be a record-setting night.

Many sportsmen and women are devoting their free time now to bow hunting or preparing for gun seasons. Next week, we’ll look at a few more great deer stand locations to help with that task as muzzleloader and rifle seasons approach.

The Mid-Atlantic Road Racing Series (MARRS) wrapped up its 2018 season at Summit Point (West Virginia) Motorsports Park last weekend, and if you didn’t take advantage of the free racing, you missed a lot of good action.

One of the hardest choices hunters face as muzzleloader and rifle seasons approach is where to set up in hopes of connecting with a deer. To help with this challenge, here are descriptions of four time-proven stands you can turn to for this fall. In a follow-up column, we’ll cover several mo…

C.E. Falk won the ValleyStar Credit Union 300 for NASCAR Late Model Stock Cars at Martinsville Speedway, but not without confusion and controversy at the end as common-sense officiating was absent.

You’ve probably had ants invade your kitchen at one time or other. Or maybe you’ve been on a picnic where the pesky insects made their presence felt. But while they are a nuisance for humans, these black, orange, and brown insects are a gourmet treat for trout.

NASCAR competitors move their playoffs into unknown territory this weekend as they compete on the Roval at Charlotte Motor Speedway.

Hot weather is one of the greatest challenges deer hunters will face as early bow season arrives. Sometimes the heat even extends beyond archery into the black powder season. The air is stifling, the temperature is outrageous, and sweating makes controlling your scent a struggle. It’s tempti…

The following are some of the area recreational events that are being held:

The start of a new early rifle season has increased interest in bear hunting among Shenandoah Valley hunters. But bow hunters have always been on the lookout for a sleek-furred bruin in October when their seasons open.

With the abundance of rain, many sportsmen and women are asking, where has summer gone? Now suddenly thoughts are turning to deer season and what’s in store. Bucks have finished growing the antlers they will carry into autumn, and now need only to shed the velvet from their horns as Septembe…

On days when the sun bears down hot and relentlessly during summer, few types of fishing offer more soothing relief than casting to river smallmouths. You can use a kayak, canoe or johnboat to get into fresh, lightly-tapped stretches, but plan on wet wading at least part of the day to stay c…

Gabriel, 11, left, and Max, 10, right, play a game of rock-paper-scissors during the 36th annual Camp Fantastic held at the Northern Virginia 4-H Educational Center in Front Royal last week. Rich Cooley/DailyEmma, 17, holds Bryant, 7, as the pair simulate a shark bite during the 36th annual …