Martin Wiener, right, arranged a video in which actor Sylvester Stallone, left, gave a shout-out to the Front Royal Police Department from his home in Beverly Hills, California, recently. The video can be viewed in the department's Facebook page.

FRONT ROYAL – Instead of yelling out “yo Adrian,” movie star Sylvester Stallone recently gave a shout-out to the Front Royal Police Department.

In a short video that can be viewed on the department’s Facebook page, Stallone said: “Eric and the rest of the men at the Front Royal Police Department, I just want to say you guys are my hero and you just keep punching.”

The Eric he mentioned is Front Royal Police Sgt. Eric Suess, who has befriended Los Angeles-based car broker Martin Wiener on Twitter. Wiener explained via telephone Friday that he and Suess “just started chatting back and forth about police and I thanked him for his service and so on and forth.”

Wiener explained that he has many celebrity clients including Stallone, Dr. Dre, Patrick Stewart and the deceased Don Rickles. Having recently handled the sale of Stallone’s $450,000 custom Cadillac Escalade, Wiener explained he recently made “an off-hand comment” to Suess that “I’m gonna be seeing Sly” to have him sign papers to close the deal.

Wiener said Suess relayed that several officers are Stallone fans, particularly of his “Cobra” movie. So, Wiener said he asked: “What’s the name of your police department? I’ll get him to do a shout out to you and the guys at the department.” He explained that “Sly is very pro police” and was happy to do the video from his home in Beverly Hills, California.

"It's not every day a town of 15,000 gets a shout-out from maybe the biggest star of the last 40 years," Wiener said.

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