The following information is from the Frederick County Circuit Court from July 1-8:

Real estate over $200,000

Back Creek District

• Jose Antonio Guevara to Scott Charles Coulter, Bonnie Marie Coulter and Kinsey Hope Coulter, 110 Fay St., Echo Village, $210,000.

• Adam Geaslen and Kimberly Geaslen to Andrew Ward Clarkson and Emily Elisabeth Bourckel, 215 Fox Run Lane, Wilde Acres, $255,000.

• NVR Inc. to Mohammed Nasreddine Adim, 200 Woolen Mills Drive, Middletown, Village at Middletown, $271,765.

• NVR Inc. to Cyril Ogadimma Ukandu, 431 Coville St., Middletown, Village at Middletown, $300,515.

• NVR Inc. to Nahen Ali, 220 Woolen Mills Drive, Middletown, Village at Middletown, $302,490.

• Kenton L. Noffke and Kathy C. Noffke to Victor J. VanHouten and Rebecca VanHouten, 1616 Marlboro Road, Stephens City, $305,000.

• Teresa Hart to Brad E. Darr, 111 Carters Lane, Stephens City, $307,500.

• Betty J. McNally to Susan S. Goubeaux, 105 Stone Ridge Court, Stonebrook Farms, $315,000.

• Patrick Howard Conolly and Tara-Beth Palmer to John W. Russell III and Cynthia Russell, 148 Brookneil Drive, Brookneill, $395,000.

• Gerre L. Pittenger to Tanner S. Kerr and Amanda L. Kerr, 200 Greenfield Ave., Stonebrook Farms, $420,000.

• Jeffrey A. Hahn and Rachel L. Hahn to Scott A. Carlson and Sabrina M. Carlson, 218 Greenfield Ave., Stonebrook Farms, $425,000.

• Van Metre Ventures LLC to Daniel Larussa and Andrea M. Larussa, 614 McDonald Road, The View, $431,500.

• Cornerstone of Virginia LLC to Erik O. Johnson and Pamela S. Bursey, 355 Plow Run Lane, Flint Ridge, $469,900.

• David Williams and Amy Williams to Daniel Best and Laura Best, 660 Germany Road, Stephens City, Relief Knolls, $530,000.

• William C. Perry and Pamela Y. Perry to Charles A. Middlehof and Pleasant T. Rich, 150 Cheifton Place, The Orchard, $680,000.

Gainesboro District

• Robert Pullen and Sheri Pullen to Shane Stuler and Katrisha Stuler, 604 S. Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $230,000.

• Kristen J. Jones to Pomme Properties LLC, 531 Mahlon Drive, Hunting Ridge Manor, $250,000.

• Robert D. Adams II and Jennifer L. Adams to William S. Davis, 117 Sunset Circle, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $259,999.

• Ross P. Corbett and Kathy Corbett to Peggy H. Carey, 309 Dogwood Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $280,000.

• Randall D. Meston to Phillishia Plew and Donald Scible, 1303 Lakeview Drive, Cross Junction, Lake Holiday Estates, $290,000.

• Scott Allemong to Elenilson V. Ruiz Natividad and Norma Ramirez Segovia, 110 Rugby Place, Canterbury Square, $290,000.

• Spence Ventures LLC to George Nilsen and Melissa Nilsen, 2214 Siler Road, 13.2 acres, $360,000.

Opequon District

• Kimberly A. Eckley to Makaela E. Anderson and others, 3678 Back Mountain Road, 49.1 acres, $385,000.

• Stephens City Fire and Rescue Co. Inc. to Susan Ann Miller, 5354 Mulberry St., Stephens City, $220,000.

• John W. Russell III and Cynthia P. Russell to Christopher Roszko and Erin Roszko, 5253 Mulberry Terrace, Stephens City, Mulberry Terrace, $225,000.

• Michael A. Lasley to Gloria Ann Law and Thomas Lee Law, 101 Suffolk Circle, Stephens City, Albin Village, $279,000.

• NVR Inc. to Jorge Luis Dominguez and Amanda Marie Dominguez, 117 Twinleaf Way, Lake Frederick, Lake Frederick, $291,970.

• Robert M. Hoover and Jodi Hoover to Manuel C. Medina and Esther L. Medina, 220 Shoe Buckle Court, Stephens City, Stephens Landing, $334,900.

• Svetlana Burns to Nikolai Naumov Burns, 122 Hayvenhurst Court, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $380,000.

• Richmond American Homes of Virginia Inc. to Dinesh Raghavan, 115 Savannah Way, Stephens City, Southern Hills, $422,608.

• Stacey Earline McCormack to Kevin D. Hartford, 551 N. Buckton Road, Middletown, 5.5 acres, $429,900.

Red Bud District

• Nicholas Oakley and Samantha K. Oakley to Jose F. Alfaro and Magdalena Alfaro, 115 Worsham Terrace, Brookland Manor, $228,000.

• Brian McLaughlin and Christie L McLaughlin to Melanie Joan Guidi, 120 Providence Drive, Asbury Terrace, $286,000.

• Robert J. Hollingsworth and Terri L. Hollingsworth to Mark Joseph Hayward and Alexia Suzanne Hayward, 103 Tucks Circle, Pioneer Heights, $346,000.

• Karen S. Darby to Cary M. Craig Jr., trustee of the Country Club Circle Trust, 100 Country Club Circle, 6.19 acres, $820,000.

Shawnee District

• Blue Ridge Youth Soccer Association Inc. to Julie Hilton Boulais and Michael Charles Boulais, West Parkins Mill Road, 36.5 acres, $260,000.

Stonewall District

• John M. Muth Jr. to Prakash C. Banavar and Pavitra P. Banavar, 106 Brasstown Loop, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $277,000.

• Brookfield Stephenson LLC to Victoria Elena Arevalo and Jose Gregorio Fonseca, 235 Patchword Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $287,435.

• William John Stahl and Jaime Stahl to Daysi Gabriela Machado Diaz and Fernando A. Membreno Melgar, 108 Brasstown Loop, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $290,000.

• Eric T. Holdway and Catherine M. Holdway to Russell H. Ray and Kimberly F. Ray, 104 Fiesta Drive, Stephenson, Snowden Bridge, $350,000.

• Steven L. Ragens and Mollie G. Ragens to Caleb W. Koon and Abigail E. Rose, 295 Shady Creek Road, Clear Brook, $350,000.

• Joel D. Morassutti and Robin Morassutti to Jason Michael Waskey and Elena Waskey, 1132 Cedar Hill Road, Clear Brook, $360,000.

• Steve Maynard and Betsy Maynard to George Schaerer III and Paula Schaerer, 147 Wright Road, Clear Brook, $465,000.